With Lion's Share, you get a hot organic meal in just 3 minutes. Our meals contain everything your body needs: complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, plenty of protein and fibre. All meals can be kept unrefrigerated for over 1 year and are therefore super convenient for on the go and at home.


30 g
17 g
82 g



Löwenanteil is the perfect alternative when you don't have time or don't feel like cooking yourself. Our dishes can be kept for over a year without refrigeration! Our practical jars are also easy to store and save you valuable space in your fridge. So you always have a balanced meal available and you finally get continuity in your diet!


Dietary fiber76%
Vitamin E38%

Ingredients: Water, soy 15% (soy granules*, water), black soaked beans*, tomatoes*, onions*, red kidney beans* soaked, corn*, tomato paste*, potatoes*, rapeseed oil*, salt, beechwood smoke salt (salt, beechwood smoke), cumin*, garlic*, vegetable stock (water, vegetable stock [water, rock salt, maize starch*, onions*, carrots*, sunflower oil*, spices*, herbs*), chilli* 0.1 %, paprika* smoked, paprika*.
*from controlled organic cultivation

Nutritional valuesper 100 gper glass (570 g)
Calorific value448 kJ/107 kcal 2562 kJ/612 kcal 
thereof saturated
2.9 g
0.3 g 
16.5 g
1.5 g
thereof sugar** 
14.3 g
2.5 g
81.5 g
14.3 g
Dietary fibre 4,0 g22,8 g
Protein5,3 g30,2 g
Salt0,90 g5,13 g

sugar contained naturally

Place the contents on a plate and microwave for 2-3 minutes.
Alternatively, heat the contents briefly in a saucepan.
Enjoy and get full.

Chili Vegano

High in protein
without added sugar
570g (€1,40/100 g) inkl. Mwst. & zzgl. Versand

The vegan version of our popular chilli. Our Chili Vegano enchants with vegetable mince and a pleasant spiciness. Just as delicious, 100% vegetable.

Nutri-Score A
  • From natural organic food
  • Rich in protein & fibre
  • Full of energy & filling
  • Without a midday slump
30 g
17 g
82 g
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💡 Tip: With a side dish like rice, one jar is enough for two servings!
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Ich hätte es fast nicht erwartet aber das vegane Chili ist möglicherweise mein Lieblingsgericht, insbesondere in Kombination mit Reis wirklich sehr lecker.
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Answers to your questions


With 570 g per jar, our meals are significantly larger than usual ready meals. One jar contains two portions. 

Our organic dishes are basically suitable for everyone who wants to eat a balanced diet in everyday life.
Athletes benefit from a high protein content and optimal nutrient distribution. 

We use 100% natural organic food for our dishes and completely avoid additives and added sugars. All our dishes have a very balanced ratio of high-quality proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates.

Our meals can be kept unrefrigerated for over a year. After opening, the meals can be kept in the refrigerator for at least 3 days.

We have developed an elaborate process for preservation. The meals are gently heat-treated so that we can guarantee a long shelf life without additives. Regular laboratory tests confirm this.

The satiety factor of our dishes is very high. This means you stay full for a long time, even if you have eaten relatively few calories. So you can get through your diet without torture.

Yes, all meals are lactose- and gluten-free.


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At a glance

Your Chili Vegano

Vegan chilli sin carne - Especially for athletes

For athletes, the nutrition plan is one of the most important factors for physical success. The diet can regulate whether you lose weight, build mass or define muscles. No matter in which direction you want to go, protein is an essential part of your diet. A high protein content is necessary to supply the muscles with protein. When developing the delicious ready meals from Löwenanteil, it was taken into account that they supply your body with protein. With 30g of protein per jar, the vegan chilli has a very high protein content. Since it can sometimes be problematic for vegans to take in enough protein, it's handy that it's so easy with a Lion's Share dish. The key is called vegan mince. This mince is what makes our vegan chilli so protein-packed. With Lion's Share Chilli Vegano, you're getting ready for your next workout in the best possible way! What's more, it can be prepared in just a few minutes, making it perfect for those stressful days at work.

Vegan chilli made just for you

With all our dishes, in addition to the high-quality ingredients and nutrients, we also pay special attention to taste. Because even the healthiest meal is unlikely to be eaten if it tastes like an old boot. So, contrary to the approach of many other ready meal manufacturers, the choice of tasty ingredients plays just as important a role for us as the selection of high-quality organic ingredients for all our products - including, of course, our vegan chilli. We always strive to find the ideal balance between taste and great nutritional values for our dishes. We use aromatic spices and special vegetables to create a culinary experience that doesn't compromise on taste or nutritional value, despite a short preparation time of 3 minutes. Protein-rich kidney beans, a delicious meat alternative and our talented chefs ensure a nutritious vegan chilli that still tastes like a freshly cooked meal. We want to make sure you don't lose your appetite after the first can of chilli sin carne, so we take great care to tailor our dishes to your taste. At Löwenanteil, you'll only find high-quality dishes that are suitable as a complete meal in terms of nutritional values and leave nothing to be desired in terms of taste.

Spoilt for choice: high-quality side dishes for your meal

As usual, you can choose between great side dishes for your vegan chilli with tofu and order them as well - for example, you can find delicious organic quinoa or basmati rice in our range. This option allows you to adapt the dish to your taste and individualise it according to your preferences. Both quinoa and basmati rice are popular side dishes for vegan chilli, so you can choose either one to suit your taste. Best of all, just like the vegan chilli, our side dishes don't need any extra cooking, they just need to be heated briefly because they are already cooked. So you save a lot of time preparing them if you have a stressful day at work or just want to spend your lunch break doing something other than cooking. Of course, all of our side dishes, as well as the meat alternative in our chilli sin carne, are organically grown, because the responsible treatment of nature is very important to us. We act and prepare all our dishes according to this principle. Take a look at our "Side dishes & Snacks" category and try something new!

A great alternative to the traditional chilli recipe

Normally, vegan chilli, just like conventional chilli con carne, is not a typical athlete's food that is often found in nutrition or diet plans. This is usually because the ingredients are not of good quality or contain too many fats. As a result, vegan chilli has fallen into oblivion over the years, especially in sports circles and other similar communities. But that's exactly what we at Löwenanteil want to change, because vegan chilli sin carne has a lot to offer in terms of taste and is therefore also very popular as a dish in many restaurants and at private events as a quick recipe that can be prepared in large quantities at quite reasonable prices. Our vegan chilli recipe, just like our chilli con carne, offers great nutritional values plus great taste - and that is what ultimately matters. Although there is no meat, our vegan chilli sin carne recipe has a particularly high protein content, as well as a balanced amount of carbohydrates, which replenish energy stores during work and still fit into an athlete's diet plan. In addition to the protein-rich kidney beans and the meat alternative, our recipe variant contains all kinds of delicious vegetables and aromatic spices that make for a great taste experience. The vegan chilli, a traditional Mexican dish, is thus interpreted in a completely new way and serves as a balanced lunch for all those who eat consciously.

This is why our vegan chilli recipe is so good

Our vegan chilli is 100% plant-based and consists entirely of high-quality organic ingredients, i.e. the vegan mince, the beans and the rest of the vegetables. All these ingredients, as already mentioned above, come only from organic cultivation and are free from artificial additives. Since our vegan chilli sin carne, as the name already suggests ("sin carne" translated from Spanish means "without meat"), contains no meat, the proteins have to come mainly from the kidney beans, while many vitamins and nutrients are present in the tofu and the other vegetables included, such as onions, carrots or corn. Our recipe represents an ideal balance between all these nutrients and is therefore suitable as a balanced lunch or at whatever time of day you want to enjoy a hot meal. Because of the high quality ingredients, our vegan chilli sin carne is also a pleasure to taste: after all, we want to offer you a vegan chilli in every respect that you would be happy to eat again any time! Above you will find more nutritional information about this dish, such as how many carbohydrates and how much fat is contained in our chilli sin carne.

How long can you enjoy our vegan chilli?

Of course, shelf life plays a big role in ready-made meals, because in the best case scenario, you buy a large quantity of vegan chilli and then store all the tins in the fridge at home or at work. However, you don't even have to store our vegan chilli in the fridge, as they can even be kept unrefrigerated for up to 12 months! Yes, you read that right, our vegan chilli sin carne can be stored in the cupboard for up to a whole year before it is no longer edible. We guarantee that the chilli sin carne will keep for at least as long as it says on the tin, without any artificial preservatives. Because of the high hygiene rules that apply in our kitchens, you can also be completely sure that you won't find anything in your food that doesn't belong there. So you can enjoy our delicious vegan chilli every day, completely prepared in just 3 minutes. You can store our vegan chilli in the fridge for 2-3 days after opening. So you can easily prepare a jar of vegan chilli over two days if a whole portion is too much for you. We wish you a good appetite and hope you enjoy our vegan chilli as much as we do!