Snack Balls - Cocoa

Nutritional valuesper 100gper serving (49g)
Calorific value1,617 kJ/385 kcal792 kJ/189 kcal
thereof saturated
13,2 g
2.5 g
6,5 g
1.2 g
of which sugar
43,5 g
40.8 g
21,3 g
Protein19,5 g9,6 g
Salt0,01 g0,005g

Snack Balls - Coffee Walnut

Nutritional valuesper 100gper serving (49g)
Calorific value1,598 kJ/382 kcal783 kJ/187 kcal
thereof saturated
12.8 g
1.7 g
6,3 g
0,8 g
of which sugar
41,6 g
27.0 g
20,4 g
13.23 g
Protein20,4 g10 g
Salt0,02 g0,009 g

Snack Balls - Raspberry Coconut

Nutritional valuesper 100gper serving (49g)
Calorific value1,577 kJ/375 kcal773 kJ/184 kcal
thereof saturated
10.4 g
4.7 g
5,1 g
2.3 g
of which sugar
47,4 g
45.0 g
23,2 g
22.0 g
Protein19,9 g9,8 g
Salt0,03 g0,01 g

Snack Balls - Cocoa

Dates dried without stone*, pea protein (15.8%)*, almond paste*, almonds brown*, cocoa 10-12 alc. (5.5%)*, cocoa nibs, roasted (2.9%)*.

*From controlled organic cultivation

Snack Balls - Coffee Walnut

Dates dried without stone*, pea protein (18%)*, date syrup*, almondpaste*, walnuts (6.8%)*, almonds*, chopped, roasted, coffee flour (3%)*, cocoa 10-12 alk*. 

*From controlled organic cultivation

Snack Balls - Raspberry Coconut

pitted dates*, pea protein*, almonds*. chopped roasted, date syrup*, cranberries* (cranberries*, apple syrup*, sunflower oil*), coconut oil*, raspberry powder*, coconut flakes*

*From controlled organic cultivation

Tasting Pack Snack Balls

High in protein
without added sugar

Try our delicious Snack Balls! Snack now without regret! The tasting package contains:

  • From natural organic food
  • Rich in protein & fibre
  • Full of energy & filling
  • Without a midday slump
In stock - delivery within 2-3 days
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Answers to your questions


With 570 g per jar, our meals are significantly larger than usual ready meals. One jar contains two portions. 

Our organic dishes are basically suitable for everyone who wants to eat a balanced diet in everyday life.
Athletes benefit from a high protein content and optimal nutrient distribution. 

We use 100% natural organic food for our dishes and completely avoid additives and added sugars. All our dishes have a very balanced ratio of high-quality proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates.

Our meals can be kept unrefrigerated for over a year. After opening, the meals can be kept in the refrigerator for at least 3 days.

We have developed an elaborate process for preservation. The meals are gently heat-treated so that we can guarantee a long shelf life without additives. Regular laboratory tests confirm this.

The satiety factor of our dishes is very high. This means you stay full for a long time, even if you have eaten relatively few calories. So you can get through your diet without torture.

Yes, all meals are lactose- and gluten-free.


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