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Chili Vegano - Löwenanteil

Chili Vegano

Chickpea curry (vegan) - Löwenanteil

Chickpea curry

Chipotle Chilli - Löwenanteil

Chipotle Chili

Mountain lentil stew (vegan) - Löwenanteil

Mountain lentil stew

Italian bean stew

Italian bean stew

Lentils à la Provence (vegan) - Löwenanteil

Lentils à la Provence

African Bowl

African Bowl

Sweet Chili

Sweet Chili

Snack Balls - Cocoa - Löwenanteil

Snack Balls - Cocoa

Snack Balls - Coffee Walnut - Lion's Share

Snack Balls - Coffee Walnut

Snack Balls - Raspberry Coconut - Lion's Share

Snack Balls - Raspberry Coconut

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